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PRSM and ITN Productions ‘The Retail Store Revolution’

PRSM and ITN Productions ‘The Retail Store Revolution’


At the PRSM2018 conference, we were thrilled to launch The Retail Store Revolution video program highlighting the role facilities managers play in today’s turbulent retail environment, produced in collaboration with international award-winning ITN Productions.

Thanks to the support of the PRSM Board and featured valued partners (Brighter Image, Comfort Systems USA, Kaivac, Pavement Services and Professional Retail Services), we went on location and met industry leaders who embody the power of facilities management. You can click here to view the premiere launch video featured during the General Session at PRSM2018 National Conference. Click here to view the full video program.

At the conference, many of you asked how you could get involved with this program. We’ll be collaborating with ITN Productions on another full program for the PRSM2019 National Conference. However, we would like to produce some special video reports this summer. Video topics for consideration include:

Keeping your cool – how retail FM’s keep stores cool on a budget during major heat waves.

Saving the Store - How retail FMs prepare for, manage, and recover from major natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados and floods

Filling the Skills Gap - How retailers are attracting the next generation and filling the skills gap.

Green is the new Black in retail - how retailers are using solar and wind energy to be more sustainable and save money.

The elves behind Black Friday - how retail FM's and store employees prepare for the biggest day in retail - Black Friday!

These videos would be shared as special releases to the PRSM membership, and to mass media. They would also be added to ‘The Retail Store Revolution’ online program, featured in a conference video to premier during PRSM Mid-Year Conference, September 26-28, and, most importantly, will be used by PRSM to elevate facilities management in the eyes of the public and senior retail company leaders.

There are limited opportunities to participate in these special video projects. If your company has a story to tell on any of these topics and would like to be featured in a sponsored special report, please contact ITN Productions’ program director for ‘The Retail Store Revolution’, Jacob Horowitz ( or 646-856-5347).


ITN Productions is ITN’s production hub producing creative and commercially valuable content for the corporate, commercial, broadcast, and digital sectors. Industry News forms part of this offering and is a communications tool for leading industry bodies and national associations produced in a broadcast news program format, including interviews, news-style items and sponsored editorial profiles.  

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