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Our benchmarking reports offer you an objective resource of information and data you can use to validate your own data or compare your business practices to other organizations with facilities management functions. iStock-516851136 copy.jpg

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2017 Retail Facilities Maintenance Industry Overview Benchmarking Report

Energy Initiative Study 

Veterans in the Facilities Management Industry Benchmarking Snapshot

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white papers  copy.jpg Our white papers provide you solutions related to FM issues and challenges and are written by industry consultants and professionals. These papers aim to give your insight into some of the most relevant issues impacting facilities management.

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Flooring: Considerations for Total Cost of Ownership

Roof Portfolios: Considerations for Total Cost of Ownership

Lighting: Considerations for Total Cost of Ownership

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Our Best Practices Books cover more than 300 topics and written by working FM professionals sharing their own experiences and lessons learned. These papers are designed to educate and inform you about what other industry professionals are doing along with their successes and failures. iStock-536680642.jpg

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2017 Best Practices

2016 Best Practices

2015 Best Practices  

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tools & templates  copy.jpg Our Tools and Templates are designed to help simplify your day-to-day tasks. Our variety of templates, customizable calculators, checklists and manuals give you a starting point to help you address some of the pressing issues impacting retail facilities management.

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Janitorial Workload Tool. 2.0 

Scope of Work Template 

Request Template for Proposal/Quote

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Our annual Trends Report monitors and researches the current and future trends impacting the facilities maintenance industry and provides a look at the opportunities and challenges that could impact you and your company. iStock-494118898.jpg

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2018 PRSM Trends Report

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webinars  copy.jpg We offer you and your team an extensive array of online on-demand webinars giving you the power of PRSM without ever leaving the office. It’s a convenient way to educate the entire staff on facilities maintenance trends, best practices and ROI-boosting strategies.

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Employee Performance Reviews & Improvement Plans

Master the Power of Social Selling with the “New’ LinkedIn 

Work Validation in Retail Facilities Management

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