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PRSM Tools are designed to help simplify your day-to-day tasks. We offer a variety of templates, customizable calculators, checklists and manuals that can be used in budgeting and planning services for your stores. These tools are developed by PRSM members or contractors in conjunction with some of the top educational resources in the country, and they give you a starting point to help you address some of the pressing issues impacting retail facilities management. If you have a topic for a new resource tool you think PRSM should offer, please send any suggestions to


Time & Cost Calculators  

Janitorial Workload Tool. 2.0 

The purpose of the tool is to help retailers generate an accurate scope of work by quantifying cleanliness and removing subjectivity. It can also serve as a tool to help retailers determine and maintain their brand standards (level of cleanliness desired) and to gauge staffing requirements and costs. This could enable open conversations with the organization's internal teams, such as finance, operations and store development plus supplier partners. This tool was developed by the PRSM Benchmarking Committee in collaboration with Simon Institute and Michigan State University.

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Exterior Services & Landscaping Maintenance Tool

This tool was developed to provide retailers with industry-recognized standards for common landscaping tasks. The tool can also help retailers identify their brand standard and estimate task frequencies. By entering information about the retail site such as box size, sizes of ornamental beds, hardscape, turf areas and more, you can calculate the recommended frequencies needed for maintenance tasks such as fertilizing, leaf removal, aerating, string trimming and trimming trees. This tool was developed in collaboration with Michigan State University. 

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Business Templates   

Scope of Work Template 

The objective of this agreement and expectation of the service provider will be to provide and maintain a clean and safe environment for all COMPANY co-workers and customers through diligent and detailed pest control management for all COMPANY sites noted as part of this agreement.

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Request Template for Proposal/Quote

The PRSM Association Sourcing Committee created this template to help retail facilities managers and vendors better understand the motivations and benefits behind strategic sourcing and improve efficiencies on both sides of the process. 

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Keeping Your Cool Part 2: Preventive & Routine Maintenance for Retail Refrigeration Systems 

These checklist templates can be used to develop site-specific Refrigeration Preventive & Routine Maintenance manuals. They can be used in conjunction with or independently of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). Use these templates as a starting point for data collection and tracking, and customize them to address specific issues relevant to your individual company, location or equipment types.

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Blue Title – Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS) Specification and Procurement Support Materials – RFP

This package of materials from Better Buildings – U.S. Department of Energy is intended to guide you through the specification, procurement and selection of an Energy Information System (EIS) or related building energy performance monitoring and diagnostic technology. It includes an RFP Template, Technology Specification Template and an Evaluation and Selection Criteria Template. 

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Checklists & Manuals   

PRSM Store HVAC Moisture and Humidity Checklist 

The “Store HVAC Moisture and Humidity Checklist” is a customizable template designed to help you assess the potential source for moisture in a store. After assessing whether an action has taken place, the form includes how best to proceed. Please find the template on the second tab of the file.

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PRSM Natural Disaster - Initial Property Damage Survey

The “Natural Disaster - Initial Property Damage Survey” is a customizable template designed to help you assess the status of stores following a natural disaster. The form can be used to determine the severity of damage and to prioritize recovery team efforts, should multiple locations be impacted by a hurricane, earthquake, flood, or fire. The template can be found on the second tab of this file. 

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Dark Store Condition Assessment Form 

This customizable template was developed to help your brand assess the current status of each of your dark stores. Each section has different items to be rated. At the end of the assessment, you will have an overall rating for the entire facility that can be used to compare different properties and prioritize needs.

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Store Shut Down Checklist

Use this checklist to assess the status of stores prior to being shut down. This checklist includes important evaluations needed for the stores and recommended action items based on the results of those evaluations. The form can be customized to your needs, including adding your own action items that are specific to your brand standards. 

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Sourcing Toolkit 

To help those involved with sourcing retail facilities management the PRSM Association Sourcing Committee, comprised of retailers and suppliers prepared this online toolkit to help you work through the process of identifying your supplier needs and finding and contracting with providers who will fulfill your requirements.

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Introduction to the Practice of Carbon Management for Retailers - Checklist

If you are a retailer doing business with a CDP’s supply chain member, your company has likely been asked to report your carbon footprint and practice carbon management. Facility Managers will play a critical role in gathering the necessary data to do this. Facility Managers will also play a key role in putting carbon reduction policies into action. This checklist provides an idea of what kinds of information may be asked of you. 

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PRSM Supplier Talent Acquisition & Retention - Checklist 

Recruiting and retaining talent is more successful if you have the right plans in place. Plans need to define your recruiting strategies such as your use of social media, employer brand and measurement of quality of hire. To help PRSM Suppliers conquer their greatest talent acquisition and retention challenges and attract the best talent in the market, PRSM conducted a survey in October 2016 to discover the talent acquisition and retention practices and needs of PRSM Supplier Members.

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Energy Benchmarking Initiative Study - Checklist

This action-oriented checklist of energy management and technical best practices lists opportunities that PRSM Member Companies can implement in some or all of their facilities to better manage energy usage and reap the benefits of doing so. The best practices for organizational energy management, lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration were selected by the team of energy experts that led the Energy Benchmarking Initiative Study, while the EMIS technologies listed in this best practices checklist came from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Smart Energy Analytics Campaign1. 

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Repair & Maintenance Manual 

This manual was prepared as a tool to help you create a customized manual for the maintenance of each of your stores. The instructions included in this document provide the framework upon which you can modify/add/delete information based on the unique aspects and materials in your stores, as well as the policies and procedures of your company.

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