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Survey Data Commitment

PRSM values your trust and confidence in our benchmarking survey programs and research reports. Therefore, we make this pledge to you, our members, about our survey research, collected responses, and statistical analysis:


Your responses are protected within multiple layers of security.  PRSM uses multiple, highly secure passwords, and the latest encryption technology, to prevent any unauthorized access to survey responses or data. Read more about the security used by our third-party survey platform provider here.

confidential-01.pngConfidential. Individual responses are known only to the PRSM staff directly involved in the survey process. Survey responses are only released as aggregated data that cannot be traced back to specific companies, facilities or individuals. Even though PRSM is governed by a Board of Directors, and receives advice from specialized PRSM committees, individual responses to survey questions will not be provided to anyone other than approved PRSM staff.  In addition, PRSM uses high level data suppression techniques to prevent anyone from identifying individual answers from aggregated survey responses.


Trustworthy. We stand by our pledge to strive to execute well-researched, tested surveys that will yield statistically valid survey results.  PRSM continually employs the latest best practices to protect survey answers and analyze data using statistically valid methodologies and principles. Our approaches and methodologies are continually tested and reviewed to verify data protection levels and ensure the highest standards are maintained.