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Our call to action for retail members and our traffic driver for you is Shop PRSM First!  Shop PRSM First for Retailers is the promise of highly qualified and ethical service providers who have chosen to align themselves with PRSM – a professional organization that strives to elevate the quality and status of the industry. PRSM retail members are eager to capitalize on these sales-rich times, and what they want – what they need – is a partner they can trust ... YOU! 

When our retail members are looking for new supplier partners, they Shop PRSM First! They know PRSM’s facilities-maintenance management members are ethical solution providers dedicated to quality work at competitive prices. In order to make the most of this increased exposure, it’s never been more important or financially sound, for you to Shop PRSM First! It’s time to promote your brand and take advantage of PRSM’s robust marketing and sales tools. After all, if retailers don’t know you’re out there, how can you secure the sale? 

Click to download the 2017 PRSM Exhibitor & Sponsor Prospectus for more information.

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