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New PRSM Community replaces X-Change

The ability to easily connect with other members is a primary benefit of PRSM membership. To make it easier to connect and share information, the new includes a new, enhanced, online PRSM Community.


The new PRSM Community: replaces X-Change, is more intuitive, easier to navigate and provides members an easy way to connect, ask questions, share solutions and solve problems.


Navigating the new PRSM communities is easier and it includes: an open forum where members can start discussions with each other and share documents, and communities for PRSM committees. It also includes micro-communities to address needs on a more segmented level.


A key feature of the new community is the ability to upload a document into a discussion thread, or search for documents using a keyword. Members can check out the latest discussion posts or library entries to find the information they need to present a business case or find new solutions for the FM problems they face.


The enhanced search function makes it easy to find other PRSM members or specific information.  Members can search by keyword to find documents or use the online member directory to find member contact information.


Basic searches for members can be done using: first name, last name, company name, or email address. A new, advanced search feature allows members to find contacts based on location or community.


Whether members need to connect with retailers, suppliers or even a specific retail market such as Luxury Retail, Banking, or Restaurants, the new communities will make it easy. PRSM now has a community to meet your specific needs.  


“We recognized the challenges of using-X-Change and wanted to provide members a world-class online community that exceeds expectations.” said Bill Yanek, PRSM Chief Executive Officer. “The new PRSM Community allows members to easily connect – even when they aren’t attending a PRSM event.”


Often it takes a community to solve a problem or answer a question. Log onto the new, improved PRSM Community today and discover just how easy it can be.

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New PRSM Community replaces X-Change